History of thumbnails for my Youtube channel.First font: Silkscreen - http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Silkscreen
I might have gotten the order for these wrong. I did this for the Bloodborne playthrough I did. I wanted less of everything that wasn't the screenshot. The text I put in ended up being harder to read at the right size though so this was no good. Fine idea, I think.
I saw Felicia Day's thumbnails and really liked them so I thought I'd steal the design? ^^;I came up with a bunch of variances for different kinds of content like Twitch highlights, Youtube playthroughs, shows, etc.I'll put all the different variances in their own post because it would clutter this up. They look really cool to me and helped quickly understand what kind of content you were looking at in a time where there was a bunch of different stuff.
I started going for a more modern, flat look.
The font looked a little immature so I went for something more design-y. M+ 1C: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/M-1c
My goal with thumbnails is to have a clean look that's easy to read and understand while not being overly pushy with brand stuff or extra colors. This is where I got.I used a subtle blur so the text can still pop and still give the impression of the game. You might also notice the text and logo are mostly in the center. That's because Facebook, where I was sharing a bunch of videos at the time, compresses the thumbnail to a square. This text is perfectly centered for Facebook so it looks good on all platforms I post!
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