This is an older design for Youtube thumbnails I used early on. At that time, I already played a variety of games so I wanted a design that was neutral enough to allow the game to take up more real estate and have my "branding" be more subtle.
I knew early on that the thumbnail would have to work at a much smaller size. It is primarily viewed on the website where it's very small. I would learn later that the bottom right of the design should be made open since Youtube places the video time there.
The thumbnail design as it would appear on Youtube.
Going forward, I would still retain the mentality that my thumbnail should be neutral enough to fit a variety of games but I'd inject more actual branding into the design. One element I wasn't considering at the time was how it would look beyond Youtube. Twitter and Facebook both crop the design to the center square and I'd be especially conscious of this more in future designs.
Screenshots for the games were sourced from Steam, the game's official website, or PS4 splash screens which often times feature some form of the games' logo.

The font used was Silkscreen and it's made available via Font Squirrel.
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