I was working with the Murder Raid Conquer Gaming Community to do some video production and ended up also doing a bit of brand development for them. They didn't end up going on to use it but I thought it was nice! Here's what I put together.
The first thing I was pulled in to do in the MRCG community was the MRCG Live show. They previously had a live gaming talk show they hosted themselves but a combination of curcumstances aligned and I ended up producing and hosting the show for a while. Here's some of the overlays and layouts I used or had made up for the show.
The show was all about the community and showcasing the people and work they do so it was a combination of having various community members on the show along with a combination of videos, pictures, questions, and feedback from the community.
Around the time I started producing the show, the MRCG community moved over from Twitch.tv to Youtube and started producing more content there. In the transition, it seemed like a good time to start identifying what the MRCG brand would look like. No one else had a lot of input for this kind of thing when I started so I just threw out ideas and here's what stuck.
The last element I put together was overlays for various Twitch.tv/Youtube streams and videos. These were done in the same theme as the Youtube branding elements and the MRCG Live overlays so anyone making videos or streaming for the MRCG network would have a very similar look. There's a strong sense of togetherness in the community but it wasn't reflected in their content at all across the various community members' own channels and this would be a small move in that direction.
This all makes the most sense in motion so the last thing is something of a montage with all the different things I worked on.
The MRCG community didn't end up sticking with my designs once I left the network but if you'd like to check out their stuff, you can find them on Twitter @MRC_Gaming and on Youtube at youtube.com/mrcgamingtube.
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