This is the design I've gone with for the February update.
I went with a tag cloud-esque styling in the lower third to convey any important info like the game I'm currently playing, platform information, and commands to refer to.
I referred back the profile icon on the break screen to style these announcement pop-ups.
I went back to the tag cloud styling for the on-screen alerts for this design. In previous iterations of this design, both the announcements and these alerts with be styled the same but I obviously changed it around a bit.
The thumbnail design utilizes the bold text background from the break screen. The border and center bubble in practice are tinted the color that reflects the platform where the content exists. YouTube is red and Twitch is purple, for instance.

In the last design, I had individual designs for thumbnails on each platform but I figured I should streamline that part of the process this time around. I will likely opt to accent my designs with platform colors to differentiate their usage in the future to continue to cut down on Photoshop time.
Live break screen demo - Github
Live alert/announcement demo - Github


Lead Photo - Anthony Delanoix - Unsplash
Font - Lato - Google Fonts
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